Custom software
You can customize the software program for your project according to your needs in Blue technology. Call us at the following numbers
Customer service follow-up program and online sales
Customer service is an important and influential interface for your company, the customer service follow-up program offers you more and helps your customers get a unique experience, through which you can learn about all the interactions that customers issue, whether by purchasing or moving to another product, and the program provides you with a distinct strategy for interaction and interaction With your customers, as well as enabling you to collect their information and data in one place and keep it.
Program product lines
It is one of the programs specially designed to follow up production and factories of various types, the materials, operation, direct and indirect costs are recorded directly through it, and you can learn about the commercial activities learned, and other things that make it easier for you and much and save more time and effort.
Corporate and factory management software
Tasks and meals abound when your company and business are successful and the number of employees increases as well. Corporate and Factory Management Software is a modern, error-free way to run your company and factory.
Clinic program
Medical software programs are one of the most important programs used in the management of various medical facilities, because it helps you in medical, financial and administrative matters in your medical institution or clinic, so that it acts as your personal assistant.
HR program
It is one of the important and necessary programs to monitor all the information related to everything related to the workforce or employees of your organization in terms of appointment, rewards and discounts, and it is also necessary to know the departure and attendance dates and other matters that need to be known. To learn more about the program and obtain it
Cashier program
Management of shops and supermarkets often needs the technical component in order to avoid human errors in calculations, payment, etc., especially in the case of dealing with many customers and items at varying and different prices. At Blue technology you are guaranteed the perfect cashier program for your project.
Accounting program
Accounts program Accounting software is one of the important programs that is frequently used in accounting departments in many companies due to its infinite accuracy and speed. Learn more about the Blue technology accounting program
Cashier, barcode printers and sales systems
عند التفكير في بدء مشروعك التجاري الخاص فإن طابعات الكاشير والباركود وجزء أساسي من عملية البيع و لا غنى عنها لتحقيق النظام والمبيعات الذي ترجوها، إليك التفاصيل التي تحتاج للتعرف وكيفية الشراء من Blue tecnology.